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Distribution and Manufacturing Criminal Defense Attorney

The defenses for these charges depend heavily on the specific facts. However, there are some common defenses mentioned below on this page.

Eric A. Rice

Minnesota law prohibits the distribution and manufacturing of many controlled substances, including cocaine, heroin, meth, and prescription narcotics. Often, police officers will use a confidential informant to obtain information about suspected drug dealers and set up controlled buys. Through these stings, the police can arrest and charge a person with selling controlled substances. Often, selling drugs will carry increased charges and penalties compared to merely possessing drugs.

Here are some common questions regarding charges of distribution and manufacturing drugs:

How do the police know I was selling and not merely possessing drugs?

Possession vs. sale of drugs is a fact-specific issue that varies from case to case. The prosecutor will likely use the circumstances in which the drugs were found to support their case that sales were occurring. These facts can include a controlled buy, testimony from confidential informants, the quantity and packaging of the drugs, and statements from the defendant.

What defenses do I have for distribution and manufacturing?

The defenses for these charges depend heavily on the specific facts. However, some common defenses include whether the drugs were controlled by the defendant, whether the police executed proper searches, whether police properly obtained statements, whether confidential informants were reliable, and entrapment. Entrapment is a defense claiming that the police conduct of a controlled buy caused the criminal activity, and the defendant would not have done the act but for the police’s intervention.

Will I go to jail for distribution and manufacturing?

The type and severity of the charges typically depend upon the type and amount of drugs. Most sale offenses are felonies in Minnesota and carry potential prison sentences. However, Minnesota also offers some diversion programs and opportunities to avoid jail. In addition, you may be able to defend your charges and avoid a conviction. In these offenses, jail is often a possibility, so retaining a distribution and manufacturing attorney is highly recommended.

Find Out What Your Options Are

In addition to the questions above, a distribution and manufacturing attorney can also advise you about the criminal process generally, whether you can work with the police to reduce or avoid jail, and what treatment options you can undertake to receive the most lenient sentence possible.

Distribution and manufacturing offenses can have a dramatic impact, potentially resulting in years of imprisonment. Distribution and manufacturing criminal defense attorney Eric Rice understands that this can be a stressful situation and can help answer your questions. Contact Eric for a no-obligation free consultation at (651) 998-9660.

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