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Full-Service Representationfull-service-representation

Eric’s a graduate of Harvard Law School and was named a 2021 Minnesota Lawyer Attorney of the Year. He has received national recognition for his criminal defense work. His knowledge of Minnesota criminal defense and DWI defense matters makes him stand out in the legal profession. He will guide you through the entire criminal law process, from arrest through trial.

He will ensure that your defenses are raised that the State is held to the burden of proving you guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.

Client Contact client-contact

Eric knows that criminal matters can be stressful and confusing. He makes it a priority to ensure that you are updated throughout your case and that your questions are answered. Eric does not charge extra for unlimited phone calls and emails.

If you have a question or concern regarding your criminal defense or DWI defense, he will be available and to answer your call.

Experience & Understanding experience-&-understanding

Eric has a breadth of criminal justice experience, including working in a prosecutor’s office, public defender’s office, and a criminal justice organization. He can offer you the full context of your case and use his experience to deliver a solid defense. Find out more about Eric.

Flexible Pricing Arrangements affordable-pricing

Most people do not set aside extra money for a potential criminal charge. Eric understands how paying for an attorney can strain your situation. He will work with you to develop a flexible fee arrangement that will allow you to receive criminal defense or DWI defense without additional stress. He accepts cash, credit cards, or check.

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Charged With a Crime? Consider 5 Things When Hiring Your Attorney


Protect yourself by finding a qualified attorney to work on your behalf and defend your rights.


Look for an attorney that respects and understands your situation, so they are able to present the best options.


Select an attorney (not an assistant) who is accessible and available to update you on your case every step of the way.


Find an attorney who has the skills to communicate “winning legal arguments” and gets you the best result for your case.


Remove the uncertainties of your matter by hiring an attorney who manages your case to ensure there aren’t surprises.

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    References Read what customers are saying

    [Eric] never failed to return my calls. Together we developed a strong defense. When in court, Eric was nothing but a professional’s professional. I was absolutely impressed and amazed on how much respect he demanded from the Judge and the prosecution. He quickly and surprisingly had my case dismissed. I even got a veiled apology from the prosecution. The guy’s a winner and will be one for a very long time.


    I am happy to recommend Eric Rice as a highly competent, very responsive and thorough attorney. He possesses compassion and is easy to communicate with. My case was resolved to my complete satisfaction.


    Eric made sure that I fully understood what took place and why. He also told me that even though his job was done, that should I have questions in the future to feel free to call him. I just can’t say enough good things about him. I thank God that we found him and will never be able to truely explained how blessed I felt to have him represent my son. If you are considering hireing Eric, I would highly recommend him. I hope that I will never need his services again but I will hire him again should I need him.


    I take pride in HIGHLY recommending to you a very exceptional & deserving Attorney, Eric A. Rice. Eric is extremely professional and he has a wonderful blend of analytical and inter personal skills. Eric demonstrated extraordinary diligence and perseverance throughout the court case; his meticulous approach resulted into a dismissal of our case. On behalf of all involved in this case, we are very grateful that Eric was referred to us and HIGHLY recommend him. Eric, you rock!