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When to Hire a Criminal Defense Lawyer

During a criminal investigation, it is possible that the police will have several suspects in mind. As a result, it can seem challenging to determine when is the right time to hire a white collar attorney St. Paul. Depending on the situation, the best time to contact a lawyer and prepare to defend against criminal charges may vary.

During an Investigation

Because the police consider several individuals during a criminal investigation, it is not necessary for every individual to hire an attorney. While it may not be necessary to hire an attorney, certain individuals may feel more confident or assured if a lawyer offers advice to prepare for the next steps of an investigation.

It is usually best to hire an attorney if there is a possibility that the police will determine that an individual is suspicious or has a motive. For example, if the police are investigating a theft and an individual was seen near the location when the crime took place, then that individual may want to hire an attorney, even if he or she is innocent.

After an Arrest

Being placed under arrest does not mean that the police are formally charging an individual. It only means that the person is a primary suspect in a criminal case because the police have evidence that suggests that the individual has probable cause or is likely to have committed the crime.

The police will read the Miranda Rights while they are taking an individual into custody. At that time, it is appropriate to hire a criminal defense lawyer. Even individuals who are innocent of the crime may be arrested if there is evidence that suggests they are the perpetrator or there is enough probable cause to make the police suspicious. In a criminal case, it is best to call a lawyer immediately after an arrest.

When arrested or under suspicion of a crime it is generally advantageous to hire an attorney. The best time to hire an attorney depends on the situation, but it is always appropriate after being arrested so that it is possible to prepare for an arraignment.