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What to Look for in a Criminal Defense Lawyer

When searching for a defense attorney, individuals can become overwhelmed with the options. After all, with so many lawyers to choose from, how can anyone know what to look for and who to choose? The list below highlights what individuals in need of a defense attorney should look for when hiring a lawyer:


Just as an individual would never knowingly choose an inexperienced surgeon to complete a needed surgical procedure, those facing criminal charges should only select an attorney who has experience in the field of law in question. For example, an individual who is facing charges involving a white collar crime will want to hire a defense attorney who has extensive experience in white collar law.

When evaluating a lawyer for representation, an individual should always inquire about the previous successes of the lawyer. In addition, hiring a lawyer that is familiar with local law, judges and even area prosecutors can help an individual’s case immensely. Lawyers who have previous experience as prosecutors also bring an unique perspective that can be helpful when building a case. Therefore, the body of work and experience of a defense attorney is crucial to the success of a case.

Word of mouth:

Individuals who are looking for a white collar attorney in the Twin Cities should ask their friends and family members about the lawyers they have dealt with in the past.  People can find out a lot about an attorney by talking to their past clients. When a defense attorney has been successful and has remained professional in all their dealings, word will get around. Of course, the internet also offers another way to research what real people think about lawyers as well.

Don’t be cheap:

The saying “ you get what you pay for” is often true when hiring a defense attorney. Individuals who are charged with a crime and are in need of a competent, knowledgeable and experienced attorney are not likely to find these aspects for free or cheap. Therefore, choosing a defense attorney should not be based on the lawyer’s fees. Due to the impact a lawyer’s skill can have on the success of a case, this is not an area individuals should skimp on.

Choose a likable person:

Lastly, individuals looking for representation should choose a lawyer who makes them feel at ease. While the lawyer and client do not have to be best friends, a client should always feel comfortable with their attorney and trust their representative to fight for them in every way possible. Trust in a client-attorney relationship is key to the success of a case.

The elements listed above reveal crucial aspects to look for in a defense attorney.