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What does a DWI cost?

Certain things are a given each December in Minnesota: snow, impressive windchills, disappointment by the Vikings, and a boom of DWI busts around Christmas and New Year’s Day. So, I wanted to take a moment to remind you to make smart choices during your holiday festivities and hopefully avoid the need for a St. Paul DWI lawyer. I’m sure you’ve seen the advertisements that a designated driver or a taxi are cheaper than a DWI. But I wanted to give y0u some itemized estimates to show you the financial costs of a drunk driving conviction (not even including the mark on your criminal record and possible jail time).

Here’s a brief estimate of some costs associated with a DWI:

As you can see, even a low-level DWI could easily costs thousands of dollars–and that is without taking into account getting a Minnesota DWI attorney. So, make sure that you drive safely this holiday season. If you know someone who does get arrested for drunk driving, have them call drunk driving lawyer Eric Rice at (651) 998-9660, so that they can get their matter handled properly, professionally, and achieve the best result possible.