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Minnesota DWI Test Challenges

If you’re facing a DWI in Minnesota, one thing a good Minnesota DWI lawyer can help with is challenging the DWI test to determine if everything was handled properly.  Here are some things I can look at for your DWI case:

Implied Consent — In order for Minnesota to require you to take a DWI test, it must have probable cause that you were operating a vehicle while intoxicated.  Then, the police officer must explain some basic rights so that you know what your options are.  Typically, this is handled by the book, but there are instances where police officers fail to follow the guidelines.  These failures could give you a chance to have the charges dismissed.

Breath Test — Currently, a group of Minnesota DWI Attorneys are challenging that the breath testing machines fail to give accurate results.  Even if this group challenge fails, there is still a chance that the police officer didn’t operate the machine correctly in your specific instance.  I can review the reports and find out if everything was handled reliably.

Blood Test — Under Minnesota law, the blood test should be administered by a medical professional using a special kit to ensure accurate testing.  Again, I will look for any discrepancies and see if they used the most careful methods to conduct the test.

Urine Test — Like the blood test, a urine DWI test requires the use of a special kit to ensure the sample remains reliable and does not continue to ferment.  Using my DWI experience, I can review the reports and see if everything was handled correctly.

If you are facing a DWI and have questions about challenging your test, give Minnesota DWI Lawyer Eric Rice a call at (651) 998-9660 for a free consultation.