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How to get out of jail on the weekend

Here is a common scenario: you are out having fun with your friends Saturday night, and on the way home you are pulled over for speeding.  The police officer detects alcohol on your breath, you tell him you’ve had a couple drinks, and eventually you are arrested for a DWI.  You are arrested and put in jail until a Judge can see you.  If you are arrested on the weekend in Minnesota, you likely won’t have a bail hearing until Tuesday morning.

If you have work and other obligations to take care of, waiting until Tuesday morning to be released can be an unacceptable option.  So, how do you get out before your hearing on Tuesday?

A Minnesota DWI Attorney can call a signing judge on your behalf and try to get bail set over the weekend.  Without bail, you cannot be released from jail.  Eric Rice is a Minneapolis DWI Lawyer who has had success setting bail over the weekends and getting clients out early, so they can get to their jobs and minimize the impact of the DWI.

In addition, Eric offers full-service representation for DWI offenses, so you can learn about options and get a vigorous defense.  If you or someone you know has been arrested for a DWI, contact Eric at (651) 998-9660 or to find out about your options.  Eric offers free consultations.