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How to get out of jail if arrested for DWI

If you are arrested for a DWI in Minnesota, it is likely that you will be held in custody in jail. A common first question for DWI cases is how to get out of jail as quickly as possible. It depends on a number of factors, but here are some things to consider. As always, your best bet is usually to hire a Minnesota DWI Attorney.

What DWI are you charged with?

A main factor in how you are released is what type of DWI you are charged with. If you are charged with a 4th degree DWI (misdemeanor) it is likely that you will be released without bail when you are sober and when someone is available to pick you up.

For a third degree DWI or second degree DWI (gross misdemeanor) you may have a mandatory bail of $12,000 set on your matter. However, you will not be released until this bail has been set. If you arrested on a weekend, you may not have bail set until Monday or Tuesday when you go to court. A DWI attorney may be able to reach the judge outside of court and get bail set. Once bail is set you typically have two options: 1) you can pay the bail amount or contact a bail bond agency to help post the bond or 2) you may be released if you agree to wear an alcohol-monitoring bracelet.

For a first degree DWI (felony), there is often bail or conditional release like a gross misdemeanor DWI. However, the bail amount may exceed $12,000 depending on your criminal record and other factors.

Get out of jail after a DWI

Basically, if you or someone you know is arrested for DWI, the main concerns are typically to get bail or conditions of release set. Then, if bail is required, either post the amount yourself or contact a bail bond agency. Once you’re out, however, you have the criminal matter to deal with. So, it is recommended that you retain a DWI lawyer to help with your matter.

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