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How can a DWI lawyer help with a drunk driving charge?

The first question that I’m often asked when someone comes for a free consultation for a DWI charge is whether they need a lawyer. Here are the areas where having a DWI attorney can help:

Implied Consent (License Revocation) Challenges:

Most people aren’t aware that they need to file a petition to challenge their driver’s license revocation within 30 days of the notice (which is often before the first criminal court date). A DUI lawyer can prepare the petition, make sure that it is properly served and filed, and present defenses at the hearing. Challenging your driver’s license revocation can help keep a DWI completely off your record, delay when revocation begins, and reduce the revocation time if the challenge is unsuccessful.

Dismiss the Criminal Action

DWIs are complex matters. There are a number of technical defenses available that can prevent a prosecutor from obtaining a conviction on the charge. A good drunk driving lawyer can determine whether evidence was improperly obtained and try to suppress evidence to require a dismissal of the case.

Reduce Jail Time, Fines, and Charges

Even if you can’t get the case dismissed, an experienced DUI attorney can reduce the charges and jail time that comes from the matter. Sometimes, even bringing certain challenges can encourage a prosecutor to offer a better deal rather than losing the case entirely. In addition, a DWI lawyer can advise you about whether a particular offer is good or whether there are ways of making it better.

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