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Do you need a Minnesota DWI Attorney?

One of the most common questions asked during my free consultations is whether a person charged with a DUI in Minnesota needs an attorney.  Minnesota has very strict DWI laws that are getting more severe.  So, it is a rare case that I would recommend that someone forgo an attorney and handle a DWI by themselves.  Here are a few ways a DWI attorney can help you:

Ensure that the Prosecutor Proves Guilt Fairly and Thoroughly

In all criminal matters, the burden is on the prosecutor to prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt.  An experienced DWI attorney can ensure that all valid defenses are raised and the prosecutor can only prove guilt after being put to their full burden.  Each case plays out differently, and a Minnesota DUI lawyer can determine which defenses might apply to your case.  Some defenses focus on the criminal conduct — the drunk driving, while others are more procedural (such as illegal search and seizure or Miranda violation).  Having an attorney will allow you to exercise your best defenses.

Minimize Penalties from a DWI Charge

Even if you are found guilty, a Minnesota DWI attorney can still offer valuable assistance.  DWI penalties in Minnesota are very severe — you could face up to seven years in jail, loss of license for up to six years, and even loss of the vehicle used in the crime.  An experienced Minnesota DUI lawyer can work with you to mitigate these consequences.  Options such as a plea bargain and treatment may help reduce the penalties you face.  It could be cheaper for you to get a good attorney to protect your criminal record and minimize the penalties than face higher insurance premiums, loss of employment, and costly reinstatement fees.

Guide You Through the Process

Most people faced with a DUI in Minnesota don’t have much experience with the criminal justice system.  A DWI charge can bring stress, anxiety, and many questions.  A good Minnesota DWI lawyer can help answer your questions and allow you to make informed decisions about your case.  Make sure you find an attorney who will promptly return your phone calls and give you the information you need.

If you are facing a DWI charge, contact Minnesota DWI attorney Eric Rice.  Eric primarily serves Minneapolis, St. Paul, and the area surrounding the Twin Cities.  However, he is available for matters throughout Minnesota.  Eric offers free consultations to learn more about your options.  Contact Eric at (651) 998-9660 or