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Third Degree DWI in Minnesota

What is a third degree DUI in Minnesota?

A third degree DWI in Minnesota is a gross misdemeanor.  This is the middle level of criminal offenses.  It has a maximum penalty of 1 year in jail and a $3,000 fine.  A third degree DWI occurs when a person drives while under the influence of alcohol and is impaired or has a BAC over 0.08, just like a fourth degree DWI.  However, a third degree DWI requires that the driver have an aggravating factor or one prior DUI incident, which enhances it.  Enhancing factors include having a BAC over 0.20 or a first-time DWI test refusal.  This is a reason why refusing the DWI test is often a mistake.

A 3rd degree drunk driving charge also carries the possibility of license plate impoundment.  Minnesota will remove the standard license plates from your vehicle and put whiskey plates on instead.  In addition, your next offense could be a second degree DWI, which could result in vehicle forfeiture.

At the third degree DWI level, the consequences start becoming quite severe.  It’s important that you hire a good Minnesota DWI defense attorney to learn about your options.  Eric Rice exclusively practices criminal law and has experience with third degree DWIs.  Contact Eric for your free consultation at (651) 998-9660 or