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Second Degree DWI in Minnesota

A 2nd degree DWI is the second-most severe DWI in Minnesota.  It is a gross misdemeanor, which means it is punishable by up to 1 year in jail or $3,000 in fines.  In addition, a 2nd degree DUI carries a number of collateral consequences, including loss of driver’s license, impoundment of license plates (“whiskey plates”), and forfeiture of the vehicle used in the incident.

What is a 2nd Degree DWI?

A 2nd degree DWI occurs when someone drives while intoxicated (usually with BAC over 0.08) and there are aggravating factors.  These factors include, prior DWIs and having a BAC above 0.20.  If two of these factors are present, then you will be charged with second degree DUI.  In addition, a DWI test refusal with one aggravating factor will also result in a second degree DWI.

What are your options?

A second degree DWI is a very serious charge.  It often results in jail time, loss of license, and loss of your vehicle.  In addition, you will have to pay numerous reinstatement fees and higher insurance rates to become a valid driver again.  Retaining a good DWI lawyer is usually your best option when facing a DWI in Minnesota.  Eric Rice is a St. Paul and Minneapolis DWI Attorney who has experience representing those charged with a second degree DWI.  Call Eric at (651) 998-9660 or email at to set up a free consultation and learn about your defenses.