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st paul minnesota criminal defense lawyer

St. Paul / Minneapolis, MN Criminal Defense Lawyer

If you are looking for a criminal defense lawyer or DWI defense attorney in Minnesota, then you need the expertise of Eric Rice. With a proven track record of successful defense and great results, Eric Rice gives you full-service representation throughout the criminal law process. From your initial consultation to the closing verdict, he will be a dedicated criminal defense attorney in Minneapolis, MN that you can count on.

Eric Rice began developing vigorous defense strategies while studying criminal law at Harvard Law School. Since that time he has amassed a wealth of criminal justice experience, having served as a defender, prosecutor, and inmate advocate. These ventures created a superb understanding of what it takes to formulate a solid defense. Criminal matters can be confusing and stressful, But Eric Rice’s understanding and devotion to your case makes it manageable.

Eric Rice is also different than other Minneapolis, MN criminal defense lawyers because he is accessible and affordable. When you hire Eric Rice, you don’t have to pay extra for unlimited emails and phone calls. If you have concerns or questions, he will be there for you. He knows that clients are the key to his success, and works with you to make correct, informed decisions. Plus, Eric Rice understands that when not managed correctly, lawyer fees can worsen your situation. He will work with you to develop a payment and pricing plan that allows you to have defense without added financial stress. Call today for a free consultation!

Eric made sure that I fully understood what took place and why. He also told me that even though his job was done, that should I have questions in the future to feel free to call him. I just can't say enough good things about him. I thank God that we found him and will never be able to truely explained how blessed I felt to have him represent my son. If you are considering hireing Eric, I would highly recommend him. I hope that I will never need his services again but I will hire him again should I need him.Tammie
I take pride in HIGHLY recommending to you a very exceptional & deserving Attorney, Eric A. Rice. Eric is extremely professional and he has a wonderful blend of analytical and inter personal skills. Eric demonstrated extraordinary diligence and perseverance throughout the court case; his meticulous approach resulted into a dismissal of our case. On behalf of all involved in this case, we are very grateful that Eric was referred to us and HIGHLY recommend him. Eric, you rock!Adam’s Mom :)